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Lascal is a Swedish design-led company with a small but distinctive range of children’s nursery equipment. Their philosophy is to develop and manufacture high quality products that fulfil a real demand, and contribute to the security of a child’s environment.

In Canada Lascal offers Swedish designed baby safety gates (KiddyGuard®), and stroller ride-on platforms (BuggyBoard™). The KiddyGuard® safety gates are high-end retractable gates that have an automatic locking mechanism. The BuggyBoard™ is a stand-on platform that attaches to a stroller, allowing an older sibling to ride along when he/she is too tired to walk.

Lascal’s company focus is on providing products of the highest quality in both design and materials to make family life easier.

5514 Km represents Lascal in Canada. We provide retailers with local sales, marketing and customer service support.


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